Alvarion have launched a new agile
and small footprint new 4G basestation –
the BreezeCOMPACT.

The ”fit” motif was taken further
to a sport event concept.

And that’s the result


An Android notification App

The guys at Pops approached us
with a very simple premise.

Create a short focused spot
that will get the message across
and will be fun to watch
as the product is to use.

Magic Software

MAGIC Software
Mobile Deployment Solutions

MAGIC Software approached us for the
launch of their new Mobility deployment
solutions for Enterprise application development.

Or in plain English – Biz application on
your iPhone/Android …

Mobility, agility & overall freedom
were the guidelines.


corporate ID movie

CEVA DSP, the world leader in DSP IP
challenged us to present their Hugh scope
of products for this spot.

In collaboration with Stratigo Design,
we developed a concept of a one shot spot
taking place in an urban environment.


Cloud Computing Launch

For the launch of 013Netvision Cloud Computing service,
013Netvision challenged us to create a spot that will
simplify a complex, Techi product. to the
SOHO market segment.

Using an organic visual language we’ve managed.
to deliver a spot which highlights the
everyday benefits of a complex technological product.

Stratigo Showcase

Stratigo Showcase
Cloud Computing Launch

Stratigo Design have asked us to showcase
their awesome print and interactive design work.

So we did.

MotionFactory  DemoReel

Stratigo Showcase
Cloud Computing Launch

Stratigo Design have asked us to showcase
their awesome print and interactive design work.

So we did.


YJSimpleGrid Framework comes with 51 build in module positions . Adding new module grids is a very simple process and within few seconds you can adjust the layout to your own liking. Each  module positon is completely collapsible either by disabling module in module manager or by setting module size to 0 in template manager. Mainbody grid is completely flexible and can swithc sides by simply adjusting default mainbody layout in template manager. Logo width and height can also be adjusted in template manager or completely disabled.


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The Team

MotionFactory is a home for creatives
with a sharp visual and narrative focus.

The studio’s creatives are sharing extraordinary
visual style and the storytelling ability to
transform creative potential into compelling
viewer experiences.

Visual Effects

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use the same techniques used by the big boys at Hollywood?


Motion Capture

You’ve seen it in use in Avatar.
Now, similar technologies are available for smaller productions.

Stereo 3D

Stereoscopic 3D technology is becoming mainstream.
At MotionFactory we have the knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver an emersive 3D experience.
Featured Project :: Magic Software

MAGIC Software mobility deployment solutions for enterprise application development.  

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Online Payment Processing for Businesses

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Featured Project :: 013Netvision

013Netvision Cloud Computing Service Launch

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